Unreal Tournament 3: Singleplayer Preview

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After watching (or continually skipping) this big, meaty, gruff, manly cutscene, you will find that UT3's single-player mode isn't anything like the actual gameplay from Gears of War. In fact, it's more like an extended training mode for UT3's multiplayer, which some people may find disappointing but which makes a lot more sense for this game than traditional linear single-player gameplay would.

Up to three other human buddies can join you on your "campaign," and it seems they can be either friends or random internet denizens. All of the missions I played featured two teams of four each. You can choose between four different difficulty levels, corresponding to the level of brutality exhibited by UT's infamously competent AI. Each mission is basically a multiplayer game, with AI-controlled bots serving as the opposing team members as well as any friendly slots not occupied by human players. The first mission is a simple ten-kill deathmatch, the second is a longer deathmatch, the third is a game of Capture the Flag, the fourth a round of UT3's new Warfare mode, and so on. Missions are punctuated by a world map that gives the impression of a larger war making up these smaller multiplayer-like battles. Of course, you'll never actually forget that you're really just playing a bunch of AI skirmishes, but it's nice that Epic wrapped it in such an ambitious package. Perhaps the most overt concession to a coherent campaign structure is the reward system, which grants you special "cards" for completing particular missions or goals. These cards confer various bonuses--extra health, fewer enemies, and so on--and can be saved and used for future campaign matches.



sei lá, mas não era oq eu esperava :no:


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