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H.K = Horney Killers
Enemy bots will also have priorities for working as a team depending on their skill ratings in certain categories."All of the bots are simulating player movement so they'll all kind of work together and cover each other. In multiplayer skirmish mode, the bot AI is all different, sometimes they care about what the other guy is doing sometimes they don't." We saw both of these in action while Randy came up against both organized attacks and lone wolves. "We kind of made it more player like. Like you would find in a public server. Then when I switch over to single-player mode, you'll notice a difference in where they really work as a unit and take cues from what the player is doing."

But as mentioned when looking at the single-player campaign structure, bots aren't just your enemies. You'll need them in both the campaigns and as teammates in skirmish matches when you don't have friends to play with. The cool thing is that you'll be able to decide what you want your bots to act like, what weapons they prefer, and their skill levels. But rather than hash it all up, I'll let Randy illuminate the subject, "What we did was create a scripting language so that most people can quickly get it. Bots have different types of skills you can train them in. These are simple enough that you'll find that some users might have created a visual basic application where you can just drag or slide bars or click something to create your own bots. You can do this with enemies as well. You can get specific on their skills or your can out in a few parameters and randomize the rest." This of course brought up the concern of the sliding scale of difficulty for bots as many games that use them have an abrupt jump from easy to too impossible. "The scale is from 0-10 with floats. So the actual degrees of any given skills are from 0-99. We found that any character with a skill over 50% is too difficult and they'll be doing head shots through doors. We wanted to create a smoother curve where the jump from easy to impossible wasn't so glaring. So what we did was put huge gradients in and instead of just skill 5 for the whole package, this guy might be really good with the rifle but not good with communication or maybe he's good at tactics so he'll take good positions we've marked around the map into consideration. We've broken down the skills into multiple categories and made a huge gradient within those categories. So basically users can now go in and script bots manually and quickly."
In with the Old, In with the New

There isn't a whole lot about the original CS that Gearbox will really be changing. The same sickeningly addictive gameplay will still be in tact. Of course, there will be some normal changes that you would expect to find in any of the downloadable patches released for the product, but you'll also find more than that this time around including some new weapons like the Galil, M60, Law Rocket, Molotov Cocktail, Machete, Balistic Shield Gun, and the afore mentioned Famas. Perhaps the coolest thing about each of these weapons is the research and interest that went into them before being included in the game.

Take for instance the Galil. They got this one from the end of the movie Way of the Gun. "We said 'This movie rules, that gun is awesome'. We started doing research on it and it turns out its an Israeli built assault rifle. These guys are selling everywhere over there. In fact if you've seen Black Hawk Down, those guys on the streets of Moghadishu were using Galils. Now everyone that's a [jerk] in the Middle East has one. So we liked the gun and now we had a reason to put it in the game. It's not as accurate as the Famas, but its bullets are big and will hurt you."

They had a similar reason for all of the weapons used in the game, but the one that is perhaps the most interesting strategically is the Ballistic Shield Gun. This is basically a bullet proof riot shield that you keep in front of you. If you want to shoot, you can pull the shield away and use a pistol. But the added protection of such a defensive device means rethinking the way some of the older maps can be played in organized matches. "In multiplayer a lot of guys don't want to use the Ballistic Shield because they'd rather be using a rifle. But if you get one guy using the shield it opens up a whole new range of opportunities. We'll go back and play old maps like Dust, which is like map 1 from Doom II. You know, everyone knows that map inside and out and every angle is memorized. But now with the bullet-stopping shield, you can create new angles for players to use so snipers can move up into better position with less fear of being splattered."

As you can see, there's a whole lot of effort and time being thrown into this latest iteration of Counter-Strike. If Randy Pitchford is any model of the excitement for making games the rest of the team has, it's no wonder so much new has been added without leaving any of the old fans that, for whatever reason, don't want to buy Condition Zero. Look forward to seeing more on this one soon including some new screens in the near future before the game hits shelves this summer.


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H.K = Horney Killers
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