MSI Afterburner 4.6.3 Beta 1 chega com várias novidades e correções

Junto com ele também foi lançado o RTSS 7.3.0 Beta 6, software que mostra informações na tela durante gameplay

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Depois de muito tempo sem atualização, o pessoal do Guru3D e RivaTuner finalmente atualizaram as versões do MSI Afterburner e RivaTuner, agora nas versões MSI Afterburner 4.6.3 Beta 1 Build 15777 e RivaTuner Statistics Server Version 7.3.0 build 21871. 

O aplicativo "MSI Afterburner" é um dos melhores do "mercado" para overclock de placas de vídeo, leia-se se GPUs, já que também é possível overclockar vídeo integrado. Já o RivaTuner Statistics Server faz o trabalho de mostrar sobre a tela de um jogo ou aplicativo que use a placa de vídeo informações do sistema, é muito útilo. No final desse post temos um vídeo mostrando como utilizar ambos.

O desenvolvimento do software é de responsabilidade da mesma equipe do RivaTuner (Guru3D), sendo que o Afterburner traz algumas funções exclusivas não encontradas em softwares semelhantes. Vale ainda destacar que ele suporta tanto placas da AMD Radeon como Nvidia GeForce.

MSI Afterburner 4.6.3 Beta 1 Build 15777
- Added experimental support for Intel 10th generation CPUs
- Added native NVAPI based implementation of absolute GPU power monitoring for NVIDIA GPUs
- Altered synchronization mutex name for AMD SNM registers access in AMD Ryzen temperature monitoring implementation
- Fixed abnormally high PCIE bus usage value monitored on NVIDIA GPUs after display driver crash and recovery or on Optimus platforms when discrete GPU is sleeping
- Added workaround for AMD driver bug causing short display flicker during applying new fan settings on some multi-monitor or single monitor high refresh rate display configurations
- Now MSI Afterburner is forcibly disabling Zero RPM when applying new fixed fan speed in order to bypass AMD driver bug preventing fan control from working when Zero RPM mode is enabled on some systems. If Zero RPM is working properly on your system and you still want to keep it enabled when adjusting fan speed, you may disable forcible Zero RPM override with power oriented switch in application configuration file
- Now MSI Afterburner is displaying the minimum allowed fan speed in software fan curve editor window on Overdrive 8 capable AMD GPUs. The latest AMD drivers will not allow you to set fan speed below this limit, that’s by design of driver
- AMD ADL components are loaded by absolute path now to prevent possible DLL hijacking
- Tightened IO driver access policy, the driver can no longer be accessed by users with no administrative rights
- RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to v7.3.0. This version introduces plugins architecture and brand new visual overlay editor plugin, we strongly recommend you to try it if you’re advanced user and want to customize your OSD beyond the possibilities of MSI Afterburner’s internal OSD layout editor

RivaTuner Statistics Server Version 7.3.0 build 21871
- Multiple mapping and wildcards support for HwInfo and AIDA data sources. Now the same ovelay plugin data source can be mapped to multiple differently named AIDA/HwInfo sensors (e.g. package temperature on Intel CPUs or Tctl/Tdie on AMD Ryzen CPUs). Sample overlay layout is demonstrating this feature usage on importing HwInfo and AIDA CPU temperature and power sensors.
- Various internal fixes in hypertext parsing implementation.
- Added new open source DesktopOverlayHost tool to SDK. DesktopOverlayHost is a simple blank borderless 3D window with adjustable size, position, transparency and chroma keying support. You can use it as a platform for displaying any 3D API hook based overlay right on top of your Windows desktop. Implementation is overlay vendor agnostic, so you can use it with RivaTuner Statistics Server, as well as with other third party overlays like EVGA Precision X1 and so on
   *Added ShowForegroundStat profile switch, which is allowing any 3D application to display foreground 3D process framerate and frametime statistics instead of application’s own ones. This switch is used by new DesktopOverlayHost tool profile to let it to display foreground 3D process statistics on desktop

No vídeo abaixo, mostramos como configurar para que o aplicativo mostre informações de consumo, temperatura, desempenho entre outras informações durante o gameplay de algum jogo:

Para mais informações acesse o link para download.

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