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Liberado pela ATI a versão 10.11 do pacote de drivers Catalyst. Abaixo detalhes e link para download.

Highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 10.11 Windows release include:

Performance Highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 10.11 release include:
· Performance increases up to 3% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series single and CrossFire configurations with anti-aliasing disabled.

STALKER – Call of Pripyat™ benchmark:
· Performance increases up to 5% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series single and CrossFire configurations.

Resolved issue highlights:
· Enabling Overdrive through the Catalyst™ Control Center for single display systems no longer results in GPU clocks running at high levels in non-GPU intensive scenarios
· Mouse cursor no longer flickers and disappears in World of Warcraft when hardware cursor is enabled when playing in Stereo 3D mode
· Primary display no longer blanks out when playing World in Conflict Soviet Assault DX10 with Dual Monitor enabled in CrossFire mode
· CrossFire no longer becomes disabled in Battlefield Bad Company 2 after performing a task switch
· The "Contrast" value for the display is no longer set to zero after CrossFire is disabled for the first time
· Alien blood is now rendered properly in Aliens vs Predator with Anti-Aliasing enabled

Highlights of the Linux AMD Catalyst™ 10.11 release include:
Resolved issue highlights
· Invalid position values for specified size  with aticonfig are accepted and updated in xorg.conf
· Cursor unable to enter task bar area when certain rotations are applied
· Initial rotation results in Xserver crash during startup

We've also recently posted the AMD Catalyst 10.10e hotfix driver here (AMD Radeon HD 6800 users should use this driver; AMD Catalyst 10.12 will add support for the AMD Radeon HD 6800 series):

AMD Catalyst 10.10e Hotfix includes the following features and enhancements:
·  The ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series now supports the new Catalyst AI user interface that was previously only available on the AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
·  The ATI Radeon HD 5000 now supports Morphological Anti-Aliasing
·  Fixed cases where Morphological Anti-Aliasing was not being correctly applied to games (very intermittently)
· OpenGL 4.1 beta support
· Support for the new Morphological Anti-Aliasing feature
· Dead Rising 2 – Crossfire profile (Resolves negative scaling)
· Crossfire Performance Improvement for:
   - Metro 2033
   - F1 2011 - (Direct X9 version)
   - Fallout New Vegas
· Performance optimizations for systems with an AMD Radeon™ HD 6870 and AMD Radeon HD 6850 series of graphics products installed
   - Aliens versus Predator performance enhancements
   - Star Craft 2 performance enhancements
   - OpenGL performance enhancements – gains can be seen in Prey, Quake Wars: Enemy Territories, and Heaven v2
· Support for additional Stereo 3D-capable displays:
   - Viewsonic V3D241wm-LED
   - 3D Projectors

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